About Us

What is the Grand Canyon State Chapter of IPMA-HR?
We are an organization of public sector human resource professionals, created specifically to help you in the day-to-day challenges of your job and to guide you in your career.
Who are GCSIPMA-HR Members?
Grand Canyon State IPMA-HR is made up of people just like you.  Our members are executives, managers, supervisors and professionals working in government at the local, state, county, or federal level throughout our state.  Many of our members are also leaders in other HR related professional organizations.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to actively lead the Arizona public sector Human Resources community by providing opportunities and resources that establish relationships, promote learning, and enhance organizational value.

History of the Chapter

Serving HR professionals since 1906, IPMA-HR is your resource for comprehensive and timely HR industry news, jobs, policies, resources, education, and professional development opportunities.   The Grand Canyon State Chapter has been serving local public sector human resource professionals throughout the State since 1987.  Members are provided several professional development and networking opportunities throughout the year.